This project is all about the voice inside each and everyone of us. 



I’m young yet mature.. I draw strength from my own objectives.. I’m motivated by watching my future dreams become past achievements.. I carefully balance between life, school, and sports.. I compete in a sport divided into five.. I shoot, I swim, I fence, I run, I ride horses.. l qualified for three Olympics.. I’m yet to compete in the third.. I’m stressed by the constant urge to be the best I can be..  I’m happy when I travel to new places and meet new people.. I dont accept making the same mistake twice.. I fear all my efforts going in vain.. I’m sad when others ask me to let go of more difficult dreams.. I accept loss as it provides lessons before time they become needed.. No matter how hard I fall I will always get up stronger.. I balance femininity and athleticism.. I’m not just any girl.. I’m a female athlete.. I'm an Egyptian.. I’m Haidy Adel..


There is nothing to fear but fear itself..


I’m the fun in every gathering.. I find strength in my past achievements.. I don't loose even when I don't win..  I use my surroundings as my training ground.. I compete in a sport where endurance is key.. In my sport every second counts.. I must run, swim and cycle until I can no longer stand.. I don't feel like I've won until I've earned it.. Everytime I compete the track is different, the water is different, and the road is different.. I decide where to exercise..  I'm friends with the sun running on a hot summer day.. I’m happy when I reach a goal even I thought it difficult.. I might not train like a girl but I sure can dress up like one.. Exceeding my own limits is my real win.. I feel sad when I'm being lied to.. I dont confront liars  I drop them.. My mistakes are my wakeup call, being too confident makes me less than what I can be.. I avoid negativity, believe in myself, and reach my goals through solid steps.. I believe in creating my own happy place.. I respect the strength of my competition.. I’m a female athlete.. I'm an Egyptian..  I’m Rehab Hamdy.