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Qena Continued..

The second day in Qena was more or less walking in a art gallery, beauty that can’t be stated In words, only documented in pictures. Other than the couple of restaurants that I got to shoot in Qena the rest of my vist was mostly wandering on the streets.

Chasing the sunlight while it changes shape every few minutes, was how I passed the time in Qena. Along the day, the streets and buildings changed shape and color as the light shifted and changed. The Nile has always been a source of relaxation and calmness, and luckily I had found the perfect spot to spend the afternoon in the perfect location.

Huge trees creating shade over the wooden benches placed along the Nile with a cool breeze blowing through. An afternoon well spent at a location generously prepared for such a day. For the rest of Qena, I think its best to let the pictures do all the talking and maybe showcase even a glimpse of its true nature.


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