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Maybe I forgot Something..

It's always that same old question "what did I forget?" and if you are getting ready for a full 30 day trip you tend to ask that question a lot more frequently. I just don't know what to expect or maybe I do know which makes it even harder to prepare for.

The weather in this time of year is a bit tricky cold breezy mornings, hot excruciating noons and unpleasantly chilly nights. Even more this time of year is a special time of celebration a time of empathy and compassion, feelings of hunger and thirst until sunset while content and thankful til dawn. Ramadan is this time of year when we all feel this deep obligation to share, give back, and be part of something bigger than ourselves.

I've had my fair share of traveling and it has always been somewhat of a demanding task with a lot of perks off course, but this location is even more demanding. Egypt, is where I've lived for the greater portion of my life and have visited most major cities but this time its different, this time I must visit places I've only heard of and seen on the map.

People are always the make it of break it part of anything, its like you either get the best or the worst no grey area. "What am I gonna get?" this question really scares me although I must admit I've always been blessed with the best of humans people that I look up to without hesitation. This time I need their help for me to help them.

"Why is he doing this?" I ask that question very frequently not out of doubt but as a reminder of the main objective I'm trying to achieve, and answering that question adds more definition to the plan and little milestones to keep track of what's completed and what's yet to be.

Traveling for 30 days across Egypt with one objective in mind, as technology advances we seem to be connected even more than ever. E-commerce is no longer the way of the future we are in that future, it has become our present. Most of us are already comfortable with this shift in economy but not all, small scale businesses that only a few years ago were thriving with basic marketing schemes and good word of mouth are now struggling to keep a proper online presence. Their clients shifted to seeing the world through social media and expect them to the same.

"What if we can help them?" doesn't sound that hard, to give them tools to showcase themselves properly amongst others on social media and help them compete with the standards of today. You know what also would be great, if we could somehow show the rest of the world how the diverse demographic of Egyptians live Ramadan what they have in common and what sets them apart.

Maybe I forgot something, maybe Im yet to learn what I forgot, but either way we will all find out soon enough.


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