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Beauty Behind Every Corner..

While planning for this trip I had to moderate my expectations knowing that Egypt includes a huge and diverse population. Only a few cities on the list were highly regarded from research and previous experiences. Port Said was on the top of that list, a city that I knew had plenty to offer. Its historic heritage date back to the 1900s and a fair amount of it is still standing today.

The city and its sister city Port fouad are split by the Suez Canal. They are the final piece in the puzzle of the canal and situated directly in the Mediterranean sea. A small ferry connects them both and by small I mean big enough to handle a few dozen cars and couple hundred passengers. The whole journey takes 10 minutes while a number of those ferries take turns alternating back and forth transporting its passengers for no charge.

Walking around in Port Said is delightful, everywhere you look up a piece of fascinating architecture captures you. The authenticity of it all is indescribable, the mall streets are packed with soul capturing monuments. Every corner has something in store for those who care to wander. The intense blue sky with the brush painted clouds made for a beautiful background for the architectural jems scattered everywhere.

Ramadan in Port Said is more low key than other cities, yet very evident in gatherings for Iftar and evening gatherings after prayer. Port Said has a strong economical impact on Egypt and provides its fair share of the nation’s income. For years Port Said served as a major duty free market providing top notch imported products for very competitive prices.

The city is very active, feels like a living breathing organism; its always in motion. People, cars, boats, ferries, and even the huge tankers crossing the canal constants motion in complete harmony. It functions similar to well crafted watch ticking into the future with prosperity and excellence as guides for success.


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